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“At Footballers Global, we believe that football is a journey, and we are dedicated to sharing that journey with you. Whether you’re a player who wants your CV and videos seen by scouts, or a scout/agent in search of a global player search engine, we’ve got you covered. Our inclusive platform aims to provide comprehensive support and resources to individuals involved in football at any level. Join us as we empower, connect, and enhance the football experience for everyone, from grassroots to the Premier League.”


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Whatever your standard of Football, whether you’re a boy or girl, get involved now with the best football website available to enhance your career in the game.

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Footballers Global is proud to announce that we now have professional scouts from around the world registered on our platform.


At Footballers Global we know that parents and carers want their child to succeed but may not know how to give them the opportunity to gain exposure to football scouts who are genuine and safe.


Footballers Global are very fortunate to have one of the most respected referee’s in the world Keith Hackett as our referee ambassador. We are very grateful to Keith Hackett.


Community-driven football development at the grassroots level, nurturing skills, passion, and fostering inclusivity in local communities.

Academy & Semi Pro Clubs

Elite player development and competitive football clubs bridging the gap between academies and semi-professional levels of the sport.

Private Academy & University Collages

Specialized training and competitive football programs offered by private academies and university colleges, preparing players for higher-level opportunities.

Professional Clubs

Elite teams of skilled players representing clubs and nations, competing at the highest level of the sport in professional football leagues.

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    Steve Sallis talking Footballers Global

    Footballers Global ambassador Steve Sallis.

    Have you been released from a pro football club?

    Ex pro Jimmy Carter talking about what it took for him to get back into football and ended up playing for champions Liverpool Football Club and recommends Footballers Global platform.