At Footballers Global we know that parents and carers want their child to succeed but may not know how to give them the opportunity to gain exposure to football scouts who are genuine and safe. Through Footballers Global and our partnership with IPSO (International Professional Scouting Organisation) you will have peace of mind knowing your child is showcasing their ability to scouts that have been through a mandatary vetting process ensuring safety throughout our website.

We would like to reassure parents that we take online safety very seriously ensuring that no direct communication with our members is possible. Members messages go through our live moderators and, other than posting comments on videos and other posts, members cannot be contacted directly. The messaging and communication appearing on this website are an open forum where all members can see and encourage participation. Posting of personal contact details is discouraged and may be removed from our website to protect members’s privacy and personal safety.

Passwords must remain top secret and undisclosed. Members are encouraged to report any material, which they deem to be inappropriate or abusive. Parents are welcome to assist in building their child’s personal profile and in the supervision of all material published. We reserve the right to remove and block posts that are deemed not relevant or inappropriate to the site. We kindly ask parents to actively monitor their child’s activity.

  • At Footballers Global safeguarding is our priority. We know there are many fake Scouts. When Scouts wish to join us we ask them to send us their qualifications, certificates etc. We have a designated member of our team to vet and scrutinise them. If they are approved by us through our extensive Due Diligence they go live on our website. WE HAVE NO FAKE SCOUTS ON OUR SITE.
  • We have no private messaging and every post can be seen by all and will not tolerate any bullying or any inappropriate words/actions etc whatsoever.
  • Our website is closely monitored and will report any concerns we may have for investigation to the appropriate statutory agencies. We also encourage any member/parent to contact us with any concerns they have which we will endeavour to deal with swiftly and appropriately.
  • We also ask and advise parents of young people under 18yrs to get involved in helping set up their child’s profile and to keep looking and checking into their child’s journey into football..
  • All our existing staff are DBS Checked. A DBS Check certificate contains impartial and confidential criminal history information held by the Police and Government departments. This information can be used by Footballers Global to make safe recruitment decisions.
    Footballers Global will only employ future staff once the check has been done and are completely satisfied.
  • Our mentoring sessions are open to any age, however, anyone under the age of 18years will have to have a parent/guardian with them throughout the session.