The top 3 most active daily members will be on the homepage!

Scouts have a detailed search option to find the players they need, and an enquiry button on  player’s profile. Premium players get more exposure as they have a more detailed profile.

As many as you can make, you can have! We encourage as many different videos as you possibly can to show of all sides of your game so share all your youtube videos etc to maximise your exposure.

Anyone can view your profile so that Scouts can get to know you and Fans can interact with you, but you have the option to make your profile private at any time so that only people you accept can see your profile.

Yes. Just simply copy the link at the top of your profile and paste it to any email or social media site!

A Scout can have a very detailed search for players based on their Age/Best Foot/Location/Position/National Team etc..

Click here to register and choose what type of member you would like to be: Basic Player, Parent, Fan. A Scout or Premium Player.

Simply try to log into your account, and follow the instructions from there to reset your password.

To change your password, follow the instructions above and complete the process to reset your password.

Go to the Fans section of your profile, and you will see a list of your followers along with what type of member they are!

If you are a verified Scout, go to ‘Find a Player’ on your menu and you will have full access to our list of Players, along with an extensive search filter.

When showcasing our Players to our Scouts, we do not order them in any specific way unless the Scout chooses to do so, so you have the same chance as anyone to be at the top.

Fans and Players are not allowed to contact scouts directly except on a public activity post however scouts have the ability to request contact with a player they are interested in. Requests are sent directly to Footballers Global and a member of our team will contact the player on behalf of the scout.

Our site is open to all ages, there is no minimum age limit.

Can’t find what you’re looking? Get in touch today and see how we can help.