Safety Net

Why is this needed in football?

Every year 1000’s of players are released from professional clubs and many have no idea what to do next. This is where the Footballers Global support platform comes in. At Footballers Global we think all of these players are in need of a safety net. Footballers Global want to reach out to all clubs and scouts to work on keeping players from dropping out of the game completely. The term ‘scrap heap’ is often used and this really is what the players feel like they are on. It is a very lonely place and can be the most stressful time of their lives. By Footballers Global creating this platform, together with clubs we can prevent some players going down this route.

Why your club should work with Footballers Global

There are semi professional clubs all across the world. Footballers Global will send you CVs from local players with a chance you would invite them for a trial. This will prevent players from dropping to a level that can’t support them to spring back into the professional system. In turn this will help with your scouting resouces as there are a lack of funds for scouting at this level.

We are offering every single released player a FREE premium player profile on our website and inviting them to join our community and create a very detailed player CV. We will help guide and support the players with what information and videos to add.

By your club partnering with Footballers Global this is and always will be a FREE platform to provide you this help to find released players. Please take a look at our testimonials and read what some ex players and people working in the game think.

Below is a video of ambassador and mindset expert Steve Sallis talking about Footballers Global and a few comments about his company

‘This company changes lives!’ (Premier League)
‘Simply the best training & support I have ever witnessed’ (Rio Ferdinand)
‘Solutions Mindset mentoring changed my life in and out of work’ (CEO, Coutts bank)

Are you a released player? Get in touch and we will send you a free discount code to join our player safety net